Chronicles of Previous Draw Winners

The history of the Rs.1500 Prize Bond is punctuated with stories of hope and fruition, of last-minute decisions and long-held beliefs in lucky numbers. Who can forget the accounts of the 201,600 prized souls from the last draw who walked away with a brighter financial future? From a 1,500 rupee bill to earning gifts in thousands or millions, these narratives underline the rags-to-riches appeal of the prize bond scheme.

The Upcoming Rs.1500 Draws

As you jot down the dates for your work meetings and social events, don’t forget to circle the days that could alter your financial landscape. The upcoming draws for 2024 promise the next opportunities for a turn in your fortunes:

  • Draw No. 98: 15th May 2024 (Karachi)
  • Draw No. 99: 15th August 2024 (Multan)
  • Draw No. 100: 15th November 2024 (Rawalpindi)

Similarly, you might not be prepared to strike the jackpot in the correlation to numbers, but being tuned in to claim the reward is half the battle.

Tax on Rs.1500 Prize Bond: An Inevitable Clause

You might have memorized your prize bond numbers and envisaged how you’ll spend the grand winnings, but are you wary of the tax obligations that come alongside? Tax on prize bonds is not a trivial matter—it’s a distinctive facet that can significantly modulate the amount you actually walk off with.

For Prize Bond Rs.1500:

For First Prize Winners

  • Tax for filers: 15%, resulting in Rs. 2,550,000.
  • Tax for non-filers: Hefty 30%, culminating in Rs. 2,100,000.

For Second Prize Winners

  • After 15% tax (for filers), the actual winnings tally at Rs. 850,000.
  • For non-filers, a tax of 30% makes the actual sum Rs. 700,000.

For Third Prize Winners

  • The payouts after tax (15% for filers and 30% for non-filers) are Rs. 15,725 and Rs. 12,950, respectively.

The mathematics reveal that a significant portion of your wins is chiseled off as tax, so it pays dividends to be prepared for the aftermath of a triumphant announcement. However, it’s crucial to tread these waters responsibly and in compliance with the tax laws.

Comprehending the tax structure is just as integral as holding the prized numbers themselves. With that comprehensive review of the prize bond pattern and the outcomes of the most recent draw, you are now more equipped to participate meaningfully in this game of numbers. As you look toward the next draw, do a double-check, or maybe a quintuple-check on those figures. After all, the next announcement could echo the numbers that transform your life story.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prize Bond Draw No. 97

Q: What were the winning numbers for the Rs.1500 Prize Bond Draw No. 97?

A: The first prize winning number was 133135, which won Rs.3,000,000. The second prizes went to bond numbers 473511, 483414, and 878834, each winning Rs.1,000,000. Additionally, multiple winners received the third prize of Rs.18,500.

Q: Where was the Rs.1500 Prize Bond Draw No. 97 held?

A: The draw was held in Lahore on 15th February 2024.

Q: How many people won the third prize in the Rs.1500 Prize Bond Draw No. 97?

A: In the most recent draw, a total of 1696 participants won the third prize of Rs.18,500 each.

Q: What should I remember about upcoming prize bond draws?

A: Note down these upcoming draw dates to not miss any opportunities:

  • Draw No. 98: 15th May 2024 (Karachi)
  • Draw No. 99: 15th August 2024 (Multan)
  • Draw No. 100: 15th November 2024 (Rawalpindi)

Q: What is the tax rate on the Rs.1500 Prize Bond winnings?

A: For filers, the tax is 15%, reducing the first prize to Rs. 2,550,000, the second prize to Rs. 850,000, and the third prize to Rs. 15,725. For non-filers, the tax rate is 30%, which means the first prize becomes Rs. 2,100,000, the second prize Rs. 700,000, and the third prize Rs. 12,950.

Q: How does winning a prize bond change one’s financial situation?

A: Winning a substantial amount in a prize bond draw can significantly enhance one’s financial position, turning dreams into realities and possibly altering life stories due to the financial windfall

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