Rs.100 Prize Bond Full Result List Draw 45 Peshawar 15 February 2024

The 45th draw of the Rs.100 Prize Bond was held in Peshawar on February 15, 2024, unveiling an exciting windfall for the fortunate winners. The prestigious first prize, amounting to Rs. 700,000, was claimed by the bond numbered 116071. The second prize, which stood at Rs. 200,000, was awarded to three lucky winners with bonds numbered 226611, 617665, and 693656 respectively. Beyond these top accolades, numerous participants also won the third prize, each receiving Rs. 1,000, making this draw an event that brought joy to a wide audience of hopeful investors.

Rs.100 Prize Bond Full Result List Draw 45 Peshawar 15 February 2024

In the bustling economic fabric of Pakistan, the culture of prize bonds swirls as a unique blend of financial opportunity and unadulterated luck. With prize draws creating ripples of anticipation across the country, holders of Rs.100 bonds from every walk of life dare to dream of striking the numerical lottery.

This elusive pursuit is not only an emotional rollercoaster but also a puzzling financial odyssey, particularly when it comes to understanding the tax implications. We dive into the complex world of Rs.100 Prize Bonds, deciphering the lists of winners, the schedules of draws, and the ever-dynamic tax configurations to unveil the comprehensive picture of Pakistan’s prize bond landscape.

Winners of Rs.100 Prize Bond Draw 45: Peshawar, 15th February 2024

On the fateful day of 15th February 2024, the 45th draw of Peshawar cast its enchanting net across the participants. The following individuals were bestowed with the treasures of fortune:

  • 1st Prize Rs. 700,000/-: 116071
  • 2nd Prize Rs. 200,000/- each: 226611, 617665, 693656
  • 3rd in Below: A multitude of lucky participants, each granted a slice of the satisfying bounty, yet all imbibing the priceless feeling of a win.
Rs. 100 45 Peshawar 15 February 2024
First Prize
PrizeNo. of PrizesPrize Amount For Filer (-15%)For Non-Filer (-30%)
1st1Rs. 700,000 Rs. 595,000Rs. 490,000
Second Prize
PrizeNo. of PrizesPrize Amount For Filer (-15%)For Non-Filer (-30%)
2nd3Rs. 200,000 Rs. 170,000Rs. 140,000
226611 617665 693656
Third Prize
Prize No. of Prizes Prize Amount For Filer (-15%) For Non-Filer (-30%)
3rd 1199 Rs. 1,000 Rs. 850 Rs. 700

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